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  • Medical and surgical consultations

  • Preventative care: Timeous diagnosis, recognition and treatment of your pets’ health problems greatly increases their lifespan

o    Annual health examinations, including dental assessments

o    Vaccinations and deworming

o    Tick and flea control

o    Senior wellness programmes

o    Weight management

  • Microchipping

  • Pre emigration testing according to owner’s pet travel agency requirements



  • Fully equipped theatre with gas anaesthesia and anaesthetic monitoring equipment

  • Wide range of general surgical procedures:

o    Head, ears, eyes

o    Skin and soft tissues

o    Abdomen, intestines, rectal, urinary

o    Joints

o    Cancers/tumors

o    Wounds

  • Sterilisations

Lab Diagnostics

Lab diagnostics
Diagnositic Imaging
  • Extensive range of in house diagnostic facilities, ensuring quick turn around time for detailed laboratory test results:​

  • Microscopy for:

    • Blood smears

    • Faecal examinations

    • Urine analysis

    • Skin scrapings

    • Impression smears of discharges and fine needle aspirates

    • Virus testing

  • Comprehensive automated blood testing laboratory equipment for blood chemistries, electrolytes and full blood counts

Diagnostic Imaging

  Wide range of imaging procedures and tests available via:

  •  X-rays, networked through the hospital

  • Ultrasound scanning

  • GIT endoscopy

  • Access to MRI and CT scans

Hospital Care

Hospital Care


SAVC accredited hospitalisation facility:

  • Heated, well ventilated hospital wards

  • Medical care and treatments

  • Fluid therapy/iv infusions

  • Automated infusion pumps for intravenous drips

  • Observation and monitoring of sick animals

  • Post surgical care and recovery

  • Post treatment bathing



We offer a full range of routine dental care for dogs and cats.

  • This includes:

  • Mouth and tooth assessments

  • Scaling, cleaning and polishing

  • Extractions

  • Infection control

These procedures need to be performed under a general anaesthetic


  • Comprehensive range of medications and drugs for in house use and dispensing of prescription drugs to clinic patients

  • Range of over the counter tick and flea preparations, de-wormers, shampoos etc

  • Prescription pet foods

Preventative Products

Preventative Products
  • De-wormers

  • Tick, flea and mange products

  • Repellents

  • Routine and medicated shampoos

  • Behavioural pheromones and calmers

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