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Breed Specific

Breed Specific

There has been a dedicated grooming parlour, operating from Lonehill Veterinary Hospital, since 2006.

The two dedicated groomers, Judy and Gladys, have more than 30 years of combined grooming experience between them.

Traditional cuts for breeds that have specific appearances. For example:

  • Poodle types (Maltese and French)

  • Schnauzers

  • Yorkies

  • etc.

Geneal Grooming

General Grooming

Clipping and bathing of all breeds of dogs.
These services are categorised as:

  • Bath and Brush

  • Full body strip and bath (Leaving approximately 1cm of coat behind)

  • Summer cut (Relatively short) The most common type of cut used on all small breeds of dog.

  • Winter cut. A little longer for the winter

  • Any variation or combinations of the above, as requested by you



  • Bath and Brush

  • Full/partial stripping/shaving of matted coats

  • With or without sedation under veterinary supervision

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